Time00:00 23 Aug 2007
OutcomeAliens win

Aliens (1)
Name↑ ScorePing
Reese's Cup Girl2419
Humans (1)
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Spectators (1)
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09:05Reese's Cup GirlUnknownReactor
09:25Reese's Cup GirlbuiltReactor
10:03Reese's Cup GirlUnknownReactor
10:18Reese's Cup GirlbuiltReactor
10:53Reese's Cup GirlbuiltMachinegun Turret
11:09Reese's Cup GirlBlasterTEAMMATE Machinegun Turret
11:17Reese's Cup GirlUnknownTelenode
11:22Reese's Cup GirlUnknownTelenode
11:47Reese's Cup GirlbuiltTelenode
12:05Reese's Cup GirlUnknownMachinegun Turret
12:10Reese's Cup GirlUnknownMachinegun Turret
12:14Reese's Cup GirlUnknownMachinegun Turret
12:19Reese's Cup GirlUnknownTelenode
12:24Reese's Cup GirlUnknownMachinegun Turret
12:30Reese's Cup GirlUnknownArmoury
12:35Reese's Cup GirlUnknownMedistation
12:39Reese's Cup GirlUnknownMachinegun Turret
13:16Reese's Cup GirlbuiltTelenode
14:18Reese's Cup GirlbuiltArmoury
14:37Reese's Cup GirlbuiltMedistation
15:18Reese's Cup GirlHi!!
15:22AXELi will kill u lol
15:28Reese's Cup GirlbuiltMachinegun Turret
15:41Reese's Cup GirlAre u building?
15:50Reese's Cup GirlbuiltMachinegun Turret
16:12AXELno cause i dont care cuase i will play with u do u need to practise
16:27Reese's Cup Girlim almost done
16:32Reese's Cup GirlbuiltMachinegun Turret
16:42Reese's Cup Girlhow was your day
16:50Reese's Cup GirlbuiltMachinegun Turret
16:55AXELgood im a dude and u
17:19Reese's Cup GirlbuiltMachinegun Turret
17:42Reese's Cup GirlHow old are you
17:55AXELi am 15 u
18:08Reese's Cup Girllol
18:25AXELhow old r u
18:32Reese's Cup Girl15
18:41Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAXEL
18:44Reese's Cup Girllol
18:51Reese's Cup Girlyou?
19:12AXELsame here 15 i am from california u
19:25Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAcid Tube
19:33Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAXEL
19:43Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAXEL
19:47Reese's Cup Girlsorry
19:58Reese's Cup Girldretch is Cute
20:23Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAcid Tube
20:34Reese's Cup Girllol next game u human i alien okay?
20:58Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAcid Tube
21:06Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAXEL
21:10Reese's Cup GirlLasgunEgg
21:13Reese's Cup Girlhp
21:20Reese's Cup Girl33
21:32Reese's Cup Girlpa
21:41AXELpa whats that
21:50Reese's Cup GirlPennsylvaina
22:11AXELok kool
23:10Reese's Cup GirlI dont care
23:30Reese's Cup Girllol om
23:42Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAcid Tube
23:48Reese's Cup Girli kill u
23:53Reese's Cup Girllol
24:23Reese's Cup Girlhha
24:24AXELwell i am gtg i will go to the map beer
24:35Reese's Cup Girl:(
25:08Reese's Cup Girl:( why u leaving
25:27Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAcid Tube
25:42Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAXEL
25:49AXELwell this doesnt sound good but i have a myspace i go by omar or josias heras my email:
26:36Reese's Cup Girlmine is
26:47Reese's Cup Girlwhat does fing mean
27:10Reese's Cup Girllook up
27:19Reese's Cup Girlaa
27:26Reese's Cup Girlha
27:38Reese's Cup GirlLasgunAcid Tube
27:43Reese's Cup Girl13hp
27:50AXELwell my myspace its true i gave u my real 1 u
28:03AXELDretch BiteReese's Cup Girl
28:13Reese's Cup GirlIts okay
28:50Reese's Cup GirlbuiltRepeater
28:57Reese's Cup Girli make
29:06Reese's Cup Girlboo!
29:11Reese's Cup GirlbuiltArmoury
29:13AXELwell i am gone i will see u at myspace or around here
29:15Reese's Cup GirlLol
29:18Reese's Cup Girllol
29:32Reese's Cup GirlbuiltMedistation
29:43Reese's Cup Girl10hp
29:55Reese's Cup GirlWhy
30:13AXELwell cause i want to be human and ok then
30:25Reese's Cup Girlif i go alen
30:31Reese's Cup Girlif we switch
30:39Reese's Cup GirlPulse RifleAXEL
30:42Reese's Cup Girlkill me
31:09AXELDretch BiteReese's Cup Girl
31:20Reese's Cup Girlgo human
31:36Reese's Cup Girlrun into turrent
31:50Reese's Cup Girlim wathing u
32:02Machinegun TurretAXEL
32:30AXELwell what u in high school
32:35Reese's Cup Girlcan i kill u till s2
32:43Reese's Cup Girlcan i kill u till s2
33:08AXELcome look 4 me
33:11Reese's Cup Girlare humans s2
33:17AXELwhat s2
33:22Reese's Cup Girlstage 2
33:30Machinegun TurretReese's Cup Girl
33:43Reese's Cup Girlwhere are u
33:58Reese's Cup Girli dont kno
34:20AXELlook lets go to beer some thing or look for me as
34:21AXELRifleReese's Cup Girl
34:24Reese's Cup GirlWooop
34:36AXELbye bye :(
34:43Reese's Cup GirlWHy Why
34:49Reese's Cup GirlDretch BiteAXEL
35:24AXELcause i want to kill more u want to go
35:39Reese's Cup Girl1hp
35:42Reese's Cup Girllo
35:59AXELChaingunTEAMMATE Machinegun Turret
36:08AXELChaingunTEAMMATE Machinegun Turret
36:09AXELChaingunTEAMMATE Machinegun Turret
36:21AXELChaingunTEAMMATE Machinegun Turret
36:23Reese's Cup Girlwhat are u doing
36:26AXELChaingunTEAMMATE Machinegun Turret
36:31ExplosionReese's Cup Girl
36:41AXELChaingunTEAMMATE Telenode
36:47AXELChaingunTEAMMATE Telenode
36:58Reese's Cup GirlBasilisk ClawMedistation
37:05AXELif i die i dont come nack
37:10Reese's Cup GirlBasilisk ClawArmoury
37:14AXELChaingunTEAMMATE Armoury
37:21Reese's Cup Girlwhat did u do
37:23AXELChaingunTEAMMATE Medistation
37:29Reese's Cup GirlBasilisk ClawRepeater
37:37AXELsorry its called suicid
37:42Reese's Cup GirlDont kill me
37:59AXELChaingunTEAMMATE Reactor
37:59Reese's Cup GirlLOOK!
38:12Reese's Cup GirlNo
38:17Reese's Cup GirlDont kill me
38:21AXELwhy whats ok
38:25Reese's Cup Girlim nice
38:41Reese's Cup GirlWhy u kill ur stuff
38:48AXELfollow me i want to show u something
38:55Reese's Cup Girlim lagging
39:31AXELthis r short cuts
39:45Reese's Cup Girli no
40:12AXELwell some 1 killed it
40:45AXELi am following u
40:58MW|PoTHeadwhat r u guys doing?
41:04Reese's Cup Girli dont kno
41:05AXELwhat u want pot head
41:10AXELChaingunReese's Cup Girl
41:13MW|PoTHeadcame to play
41:14Reese's Cup Girldick fuck
41:17Reese's Cup Girlplay
41:24MW|PoTHeadya.... paly
41:32Reese's Cup GirlDretch BiteAXEL
41:34Game overAliens win.
41:36Reese's Cup Girlhaha
42:07Reese's Cup Girlwana play
42:11Reese's Cup Girlwith me
42:15Reese's Cup Girlyay
42:34Reese's Cup Girlidk