Server rules (clarified/reordered 28 May 2014)

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Author Topic: Server rules (clarified/reordered 28 May 2014) (Read 802 times)

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Server rules (clarified/reordered 28 May 2014)
05 Jul 2010, 04:44PM
(Note: if the modification date of this post does not agree with the subject then the latest modifications did not change rules.)

  • Use common sense
  • Be responsible
  • Be reasonable and tolerant
  • Ask questions you have
  • Warn teammates before doing anything that can substantially harm your team (e.g., moving the Overmind/Reactor)
  • Report bugs, "glitches", and cheats on the forum
Do not
  • Cheat or exploit "glitches" that allow unintended (or prevent intended) game-related behaviors
  • Be disrespectful or rude
  • Try to detract from the fun of other players
  • Try to gain an unfair advantage over others
  • Repeatedly kill teammates or team structures
  • Use excessively derogatory or obscene language

Use appropriate reasons whenever possible
map/nextmap/map_restart/draw: use common sense
mute: mute continuously annoying or verbally abusive players or players whose chatter negatively impacts the game for others (prefer /ignore), or who keep calling bogus votes or renaming inappropriately
denybuild: prevent players who refuse to listen to reason from building
admitdefeat: prevent a minority of teammates or the other team from unnecessarily dragging out a game when you've practically already lost
kick: temporarily ban players whose repeated detrimental behavior cannot otherwise be controlled

listlayouts: find out what layouts can be used for the current map
restart: do not use this command except by request to load a specific non-default layout
map/changemap: don't
nextmap: only use this if there are problems with the map and it has not yet been removed from the rotation

time: find out what the current server time is because you are too lazy to look at a clock (cg_drawClock)
help/adminhelp: unrestricted
listplayers: unrestricted
namelog: if you can use this command, presumably you are responsible enough to use it; be responsible enough to use it

Administrative (this should be cleaned up)
admintest: figure out what your administrative level is
setlevel: in general, don't
listadmins: find out who has what administrative levels
cancelvote: cancel inappropriate/invalid or repeated votes
passvote: pass valid votes for infractions for which the punishment is appropriate
kick: kick players who do not follow rules but are not substantially impacting the game for others. Specify a valid reason and warn players first if possible
ban: ban players who do not follow rules and are substantially impacting the game for others or who have been repeatedly kicked with no effect. Specify a valid reason and ban for an appropriate duration based on the severity of the infraction
unban: remove invalid ban on behalf of the banner or as a result of the ban appeal process (but not unilaterally)
adjustban: correct ban duration, clarify reason for your ban, or take ownership of orphaned bans
showbans: review/search existing bans
mute: mute players who could otherwise be legitimately muted by vote (don't prefer /ignore if you are an admin, but be more tolerant of general annoyingness)
unmute: unmute players you muted or who were improperly muted
allowbuild: re-allow players to build whose building rights should not have been revoked. Do not use this to override previous votes (i.e., should never happen)
denybuild: revoke building rights from players who continually, knowingly build in ways harmful to their team
putteam: use by request when teams are locked (but don't unbalance teams); or to fix glitch building; or to prevent players from unbalancing teams
lock: lock teams as a last defense against griefers
unlock: unlock locked teams that do not need to be locked
rename: rename players who have chosen derogatory or obscene names, or who are impersonating players with protected names. Do not use if someone is pretending to be in a clan. Do use if their name is entirely made up of clan tags

Don't use these
  • readconfig: (no explanation necessary)
  • allready: this command is only useful today if you want to slightly annoy players
  • spec999: this is completely unnecessary and prevents players from rejoining their team after they get disconnected

If you have questions or suggestions pertaining to the rules, post them here
Avenger's Tremulous stuff site
Tremulous map site (or a list of Tremulous maps and mods)
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